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SNCF Geodis signs an agreement to take an equity stake in COSMA Rail Transport, the rail transport, the rail transport arm of COMSA EMTE.
The new partnership will allow the two companies to grow in the Iberian Peninsula, particularly in goods transport to the rest of Europe.

SNCF Geodis, the logistics and goods transport branch of SNCF, and the Spanish service provider COMSA EMTE signed an agreement last week under which SNCF Geodis is to take a stake in COMSA Rail Transport (CRT). SNCF Geodis is to take a 25% share in the capital of COMSA Rail Transport. As such, a representative of Geodis will sit on the CRT Board of Directors.
In parallel, CRT and SNCF Geodis have signed a partnership to foster the development of rail freight between France, Central Europe and the entire Iberian Peninsula.
With the partnership, CRT and SNCF Geodis are stepping up their collaborative efforts to develop goods transport by rail on both sides of the Pyrenees, notably by taking advantage of the extension of the standard-gauge network in Spain and new infrastructure on the Mediterranean corridor between Gibraltar and Perpignan. Growth will also be driven by VIIA, the rail motorway business of SNCF Geodis, which is reviewing the feasibility of extending the Bettembourg (Luxembourg)-Le Boulou (France) link to Spain.
The agreement has been submitted to the European competition authority for approval.
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Success for SNCF Geodis, driven by Captrain’s rail expertise
Vestas, the world leader in wind turbine manufacture, chose innovation by entrusting SNCF Geodis with the first rail transportation of turbine blades between Germany and Denmark. Developed for oversized transportation by STSI, an SNCF Geodis subsidiary, a revolutionary loading system allows exceptional-size parts to be transported on two flat wagons.Road transportation would have taken 72 hours and involved 9 lorries and 18 safety vehicles. "We have adopted an innovative approach in order to cut energy costs whilst reducing our environmental impact," explains Mette Heileskov Bülow, Vesta’s Vice-President of Transport and Logistic Excellence. Captrain Solutions, a specialist wagon supplier, is in charge of organising the end-to-end transport. This is a first in European transport and will lead SNCF Geodis and Vestas to look at extending this rail transport plan to Vestas' other European production sites. One to watch...
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51st Rotterdam Trade Fair
At the 51st European Commodities Exchange in Rotterdam, Fret SNCF and the Captrain companies
presented their offer to industrials and cereal producers of various nationalities (Dutch, Belgian, Italian, Hungarian, German, etc.).

The compagnies operating in the agricultural business had the opportunity to discuss transport schemes and corridors where SNCF Geodis rail companies operate and the innovative transport schemes that enable them to complement each other and create synergies.
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